Know How Long Should a College Essay Be and Write like a Pro

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The question of “how long should a college essay be” disturbs many students while writing their application essays. Here are some insights from professionals to get you going

How Long Should a College Essay Be? Does It Matter?

While there is usually a stated drive for what institutions expect in terms of different types of essays, you should understand that quality is more essential than length. Having that in mind, unless it is stated, some information can be necessary to help you determine how long should a college essay be.

Generally, the college application essay does not have a standard length. However, there are some aspects to consider in determining the length of a college essay. Some institutions require that it should be 650 words, but no official requirements are limiting you to that. If you are given the word count, stick to it. If not, consider these points while writing your essay.

  • Stick to the point

As you write your application essay, it is essential to be concise, even when providing sufficient particulars to strengthen your piece. Some essays are typically longer than others are. It depends on the prompt. If it requires more information, it means your essay will be much longer to address all required points than a prompt that is specific to a given aspect. Therefore, it is better to be short and clear than to be long and winded. Every word you use should best convey your idea or purpose of the essay.

  • Fully answer the prompt

College application essay requires you to answer the question asked effectively. Get an idea and develop it in the essay. Ensure you include only relevant information that is pertinent to the topic. It helps you to avoid writing a lengthy unfocused piece. It does not matter how long your essay is provided you stick to the prompt while providing only concrete information with relevant examples. Make it engaging and interesting.

  • Be personal and original

Since the admission board officers are knowledgeable, they can easily tell if you are original and true, or you are only writing an essay you read for the sake of completing the application process. In as much as it is important to read samples and know the feel of how to write an application essay. It is vital to develop your unique style, achievements, and viewpoints.

Use appropriate language that is centered on the purpose of your essay and proper grammar as you maintain the conversational tone. Students who stay personal and original tend to impress admission officers and out whether their pieces are long or short.

In conclusion, always find enough information from the institution you want to apply to. Know what they prefer and what they value most. It will help you to write an excellent admission essay for a better chance to be considered. You can as well contact professional writers to assist you when you are stuck.

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