How to Cite an Essay Correctly for Academic Grading

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How to Cite an Essay in MLA to Meet Your College Requirements

Academic writing involves research from external sources to back your study and make it credible. Therefore, you may need to format your work in a specific style. There is a different style, but three are common to college students. You need to be conversant with either to ensure you do the right thing when the need arises. The commonly used styles are American Psychology Association (APA), Modern Language Association (MLA) and Chicago. Citation is essential to ensure you deliver unique papers. Before you consider the formatting style, know the subject since different styles work for different subjects. Also, consider the directives from your instructor.

An Overview of Citing an Essay in MLA

The initial step is to confirm it is the right style for your essay because it is mostly used with comparative literature, English studies, foreign language, and cultural studies. Also, consider the teacher’s preference. There is an in-text citation and in the works cited. The basic structure for an in-text citation includes the name of the author and the page number or the year of publication, which comes at the end of the sentence enclosed in brackets, i.e. (Smith 343). The in-text citation is necessary when you quote directly from a source or refer to it by the author or title. Similarly, when the information you write is from a source and is not common knowledge. Always ensure you choose the appropriate in-text citation.

Always capitalize every word in the titles of books, articles, etc. However, do not capitalize prepositions, conjunctions, and articles unless they are the first words in the title or subtitle. Use italics for titles of larger works such as magazines and books and quotation marks for shorter works such as articles and poems. While listing the author names, they are enumerated alphabetically by the writer’s last name. The last name comes first, and then the middle name and finally the initial then full stop, for example, Wallace, Burke F. If you cite more than one work by an author, list the entries alphabetically by title. Use three hyphens in place of the writer’s name for the entries after the first one, i.e. Malcom, Burke. A Grammar of Motives. […]

There are other specifications you need to uphold the format of the paper like

  • Indention
  • One-inch page margin
  • Double space the paragraphs
  • Header with the author name as well as the page number one-half inch from the top of every page
  • The works cited page should begin on a separate page

It is essential to read extensively and acquaint yourself on how to cite an essay in the MLA format. Without the right information, it becomes hard to format your paper. Nevertheless, you can get help from writing companies to deliver a well-formatted piece in MLA. All to do is great

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